Image resizing, on the cloud.

Are you hosting your images on S3 and resizing them yourself like a brute?
Let us do the work for you.

How to use Prism

For each image in your site, simply change the SRC as below:
[Your bucket name] [Path of the image] [Dimensions you want]
How to use

Why should I use it?

Prism reduces your server load and frees up your workers to handle other requests while the page loads. In addition, Prism is a really easy way to crop and resize your images using nothing but query parameters.

Is it reliable

Is it reliable?

Yes! Prism is already serving and resizing hundreds of thousands of images every day. You will still be keeping your images and thumbna─▒ls on your own Amazon S3 Bucket.


What's the cost?

We're still in beta, so Prism is FREE for now. We will introduce simple and competitive pricing plans soon. Check it out and let us know what you think by reaching us at

Prism is not accepting new customers.